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Terms of service

General terms of use of the site, general rules about it and legal responsibilities

The contracting party for the service/membership to be provided through www.societashop.com is SOCIETA TEKSTİL SAN. TRADE. LTD. STI. is

It is recommended to read the User Agreement, which includes the following terms, rules and legal responsibilities, before using www.societashop.com.

If the specified conditions are not suitable for you, please do not use the website www.societashop.com. By using the site and filling out the form containing your personal information, you are deemed to have accepted the terms written on these pages.

1. Usage and Safety Rules

www.societashop.com is open to all members. Services provided on the Site unless otherwise noted, are free.

In the following written cases, the site administration may prevent the member from using the site and reserves its legal rights about the person or persons involved in the following initiatives:

1 a. Incorrect, irregular, incomplete and misleading information, statements that do not comply with general moral rules and information that contradicts the laws of the Republic of Turkey are recorded on the site

1.b. Unauthorized copying of site content in whole or in part

1.c. The User is directly responsible for all kinds of damages that may arise from the sharing of information such as user name, password, usage rights, given to the users or determined by them, with third parties or organizations (the use of this information by persons other than the user). Likewise, the User cannot use personal information such as IP address, e-mail address, user name of another person on the Internet, and cannot access or use other users' private information without permission. The user is deemed to have accepted any legal and penal liability that may arise due to such use.

1.d. The use of software that will threaten the security of the site, prevent the operation of the site and the software used, carry out activities, try to do it, and obtain, delete, change information

2. Membership

The user of www.societashop.com can start using the website www.societashop.com.com by entering his e-mail address and password, provided that he complies with the conditions specified in this contract, after completing the sections required for registration and confirming his e-mail address.

3. Termination of Membership

3 a. You can terminate your membership at any time by verbal or written notification to our Company through the communication channels mentioned above, without giving any reason and without paying any penalty; Likewise, our Company may terminate/suspend memberships for various reasons.

3.b. Membership cancellation and account deletion can be done by the user via www.societashop.com.com. The authorization of the user who terminates his membership to the site will be revoked. The person who cancels his membership accepts that this process is irreversible.

4. Content Usage

4.a. By using our website and/or placing any order through our website; Customer;

\t4.a.1. To use the website only for legitimate requests or orders,

\t4.a.2. Not to make unrealistic, false or fake orders; When SOCIETA has a reasonable opinion that such an order has been made, SOCIETA has the right to cancel the order and inform the relevant authorities,

\t4.a.3. It accepts, declares and undertakes to provide accurate and up-to-date e-mail, postal and/or other contact information to SOCIETA and that SOCIETA may use this information to communicate with the Customer, if necessary. (See Privacy Policy). SOCIETA may not complete the order if the Customer does not provide SOCIETA with all the information needed to complete the order. When the customer places an order via the website, he/she confirms that he/she has completed at least 18 years of age and is legally able to enter into a contract with the power of appeal.

5. Establishment of Product Sales Contract

To place an order, the customer must follow the online purchase process and click "Confirm Payment". After doing this, the Customer receives an email confirming the receipt of the order. The customer is notified. If such approval is not provided to the Customer by SOCIETA, the Agreement is deemed not established.

6. Rejection of Order

6.a. SOCIETA reserves the right to withdraw any product from the website and/or remove or correct any material or content on the website.

6.b. Even if SOCIETA will make all reasonable efforts to process all orders submitted to it, at any time, it reserves the right to refuse to fulfill or confirm the order in case of unusual circumstances after receiving an order or sending the Order Confirmation to the Customer.

6.c. SOCIETA, against the Customer or any third party, that it withdraws any product from the website, any material orIt cannot be held responsible for removing or correcting content or refusing to fulfill or approve an order after receiving it or submitting the Order Confirmation.

7. Undeliverable Order

7.a. If delivery is not possible, the product/s are returned to the warehouse.

7.b. If delivery is not possible, the Customer is informed of where the ordered product is and how he can reschedule delivery. If the customer is not at the delivery location at the agreed time, he should contact SOCIETA to reschedule the delivery on another suitable day to be agreed.

7.c. If the product subject to the order is brought to the delivery address and the Delivery does not take place due to a reason not originating from SOCIETA and the Customer does not contact SOCIETA for Delivery within the following fifteen (15) days, the Agreement may be terminated on the grounds that the Customer violates the Agreement.

7.d. As a result of the termination of the Agreement, SOCIETA shall return to the Customer all payments received from the Customer, including the delivery cost, without any unreasonable delay, in any case, within fourteen (14) days after the termination of this Agreement. The Customer should note that there may be additional costs for shipping resulting from the termination of the Contract and SOCIETA shall be entitled to pass this cost on to the Customer.

8. Incorrect Price Determination

8.a. The price of the products is as determined on the website.

8.b. Although SOCIETA does its best to ensure that all prices on its website are correct, errors can occur in this regard. If there is an error in the price of the products ordered by the Customer, SOCIETA informs the Customer as soon as possible and offers the Customer the option to confirm the order at the correct price or cancel the order.

8.c. If SOCIETA cannot reach the Customer, the amount paid for the products will be returned to the Customer by accepting the order as cancelled.

8.d. If the pricing error is obvious and certain and the price of the product registered on the website can be clearly found to be incorrect, SOCIETA products shall not be obliged to complete the sale transaction at an incorrect (lower than normal) price to the Customer, even after sending the Customer a Delivery Confirmation.

9. Data Confidentiality (Privacy Policy)

The information of users (visit time, time, pages viewed) who visit www.societashop.com is followed by SOCIETA in order to serve them better. This information, adhering to the terms of privacy, advertising, etc. in order to expand and improve the content. It is shared with the companies we cooperate with. The purpose here is to improve the experience that the site offers to its users and to improve www.societashop.com.com.

10. Responsibility

10.a. While using the www.societashop.com site and services, the user can access the Turkish Penal Code, the Turkish Commercial Code, the Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works, the Statutory Decrees and Legal Regulations on the Protection of Trademark and Patent Rights, the Law of Obligations, other relevant legislation provisions and www.societashop.com. agrees to comply with all kinds of announcements and notifications that societashop.com.com will publish regarding its services. All legal, penal and financial responsibilities that may arise due to these notifications and illegal use belong to the User.

10.b. The Member who approves this Agreement by entering the information requested in the Membership Information on our site; In addition to having previously seen and examined the information about personal data transactions and membership-customer services on our site (or mobile application), you have read and understood all the information and conditions written in this Information-Contract, that you will comply with all obligations of your party completely and in a timely manner, as well as related rights and services. declares and accepts that it will bear the responsibilities.

10.c. If it is determined that the User does not comply with the obligations specified in this agreement or the general rules reported on the www.societashop.com site, the User's use of www.societashop.com may be blocked by www.societashop.com for a period of time or indefinitely and/or his account may be closed.

10.d. The user cannot act to prevent or make it difficult for other users and visitors to use www.societashop.com, and cannot force/lock servers or databases by installing automatic programs. No cheating attempts. He/she accepts that his/her membership will be terminated if he/she is found and he/she accepts all kinds of legal and criminal liability that may arise from the situation.

10.e. The User may not delete or remove any Copyright, Trademark and any Intellectual and Artistic Works Law notes on any material copied or printed from www.societashop.com.

10.f. The relations of the site users with each other or with third parties are the responsibility of the persons.

10.g. In certain parts of the site, different rules and obligations specific to that section may be specified. ThisPersons and organizations using the sections are deemed to have accepted these rules in advance.

10.h. Confidentiality, protection, storage, processing-use and destruction of member-customer information on SOCIETA and its site, as well as commercial electronic communications and other matters, the Privacy Policy applies. Please read the "Privacy Policy" section to read our general policy and the precautions we take to protect the personal information and privacy of our users.

10.j. The user accepts and undertakes that the payment information (credit card, GSM number information, etc.) to be used in the shopping to be made through the site is correct and that the legal and penal responsibilities arising from them belong to him.

11. Notification Addresses

11.a. The www.societashop.com site does not ask its users for their mailing addresses. However, the e-mail address that the user reports to www.societashop.com.com is considered as the e-mail where the legal address will be requested for any notification regarding this contract.

11.b. Unless the parties notify the other party in writing of the changes in their current e-mails within 3 (three) days, they accept that the requests made to the old e-mails will be valid and will be deemed to have been made to them.

11.c. Again, any notification made by www.societashop.com using the registered e-mail address of the user will be deemed to reach the user 1 (one) day after the e-mail is sent by www.societashop.com.com. The user declares, accepts and undertakes that he has read, understood, accepted all the articles in this participation agreement and approved the accuracy of the information he has given about himself.

11.d. Our company reserves the right to make any changes it deems necessary in the above issues and in the products, services and opportunities it will offer to its members; these changes will become effective as soon as they are announced by our Company on the Site/mobile application or by other appropriate methods; All offers are subject to announced terms.

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